“This project gave me an opportunity to work with many positive young people. It enabled us to support each other and gave us time to paint a wall that can help to make a difference. It left a lasting impression on me. Every time I pass by it, I remember how we created something unique and an important message; a message of peace and acceptance.
“Personally, I love the idea of using walls, because walls have always been used as something that separates us, brings division and borders. I like that this project is breaking that ‘tradition and using them for something completely opposite. They now stand for equality. Instead of tearing us apart, they bring us together.”

“Every time I see a Wall of Connection, I remember all the positive messages it sends and it makes me happy that something positive is painted on a wall that was once occupied by messages that were spreading hate and division. Now they break stereotypes and are a constant reminder that we are all same.”

Ruza Boras, student, Bosnia and Herzegovina