Karsu is a talented Dutch singer/song writer with Turkish roots, connecting with her voice and melodies east and west. The young diva managed to captured hearts since she was 14 as she started playing at her fathers’ restaurant Kilim in Amsterdam, and people started flooding the space to enjoy her talent.

Both small and large stages follow. More and more people, as well as newspapers, magazines and tv-shows, notice her unusual talent. She was invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall, New York, and tens of other places followed from Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Suriname, to UK and Turkey. Karsu is also a proud MasterPeace ambassador who takes MasterPeace with here to the world…We have this mash up of 6 best times Karsu wore MasterPeace to give a strong message for peace!

1- At the MasterPeace in Concert in Amsterdam with Syrian legendary singer Assala Nasari. The MasterPeace concert brought artists from conflict areas to sing together on one stage… and here Karsu nailed with a MasterPeace dress!

2- Karsu at Podgorica,Montenegro. The city that suffered heavily during World War II; as was bombed over 70 times throughout the course of the war and razed to the ground.

3- Peace temple in Thailand, a great place to bring MasterPeace.

4- Karsu made a powerful statement, taking MasterPeace where it is needed the most! at the Killing Fields of Choeung -Cambodia which a site that saw the burials of more than 2.5 million people who were killed in violent genocides during the Khmer Rouge rule… Powerful!

5- During the short-lived Turkish uprising at Taksim Square, Karsu showed #music above fighting!

6- At Recoding: Doing what she loves best, Karsu took MasterPeace with her while making music for peace.