About MasterPeace

MasterPeace is a global grassroots movement that inspires everyone to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness.  Through music, arts and education, MasterPeace will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less armed conflict.

MasterPeace will mobilize millions of people worldwide to take actions for peace.  MasterPeace Clubs are present in more than forty countries including current and former conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Colombia, Sierra Leone and Nepal.

MasterPeace in Concert is a series of global concert events to be held in over 60 countries on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2014. Artists from all over the world will perform to fuel dialogue and celebrate diversity. The concert will focus the world’s attention on the universal longing for a sustainable world, free of armed conflict.  Tickets cannot be purchased, they are an exclusive reward for individuals who have engaged in peace-building activities.

MasterPeace invites individuals and organizations to use their talent and energy for peace building by starting your own initiative, supporting other’s initiatives or taking part in MasterPeace initiatives. Visit the Inspiration Center to see what MasterPeacers are doing all over the world!

Join MasterPeace through the following initiatives:

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Start your own initiative
And create peace in your own community! 

Apply for your own MasterPeace Club
Bring MasterPeace to your university or clubhouse!

Support other MasterPeacers in their initiative
Use your talents for peace building!  

MasterPeace in Concert 2014                                                          
Make sure you won't miss it!