MasterPeace Clubs

What are the MasterPeace Clubs?

MasterPeace Clubs are the on-the-ground arms of MasterPeace that reaches the masses; empowers and mobilizes individuals to become actively involved in peace building and limits conflicts on a local level. 

Wherever you are, you can start your MasterPeace Club! Everyone around the world is invited to join in building peace and to inspire the communities around them. 

The Club is an easy model to adapt; it can be formed by a small group of people: social entrepreneurs, young change-makers, university students, or even group of friends. MasterPeace encourages each active group to create their own Peace projects, programs or actions which can make a change in their communities, no matter how small or big these actions may be.

Why Join the MasterPeace Clubs?

MasterPeace Country Coordinators get a chance to travel, meet and get inspired by MasterPeace Founders as well as other Masterpeacers from all over the world. Learn from the intensive trainings offered, co-create and network with MasterPeace community.

According to the nature of your club's activities, MasterPeace can approach local or international partners on your behalf, inviting them to provide the support needed for your success. MasterPeacers from around the world get the opportunity to join MasterPeace Mega events and concerts. Stay tuned for MasterPeace in Concert 2014. MasterPeace Clubs team is here to fully support, guide and help you to successfully implement your initiatives.

See below the picture galleries of the winning clubs who performed best during the International Day of Peace 2013.