‘Give People In Conflict Areas The Best Of You’

A fresh new face for our successful ‘Be A Nelson’ campaign, as we call people around the world to start getting actively involved in giving much more than just their money. With the stand-out message of ‘Give people in conflict areas the best of you’ we aim to inspire people to donate talent and energy for peace and become a NELSON.

As the number of conflicts has been rising on a stable trend every year with unprecedented number of refugees fleeing their homelands, the world has no choice but to come together and work on solutions, with actions. MasterPeace gives the platform for people around the world to start working together for peace-building.

We give through the 45-seconds video of the campaign starring real-life asylum- seekers, a call to the world to join us hand-in-hand and help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less armed conflict.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can Be A NELSON.

You are more than your Money.Your Likes.Your Pity.Your Shelter.You are YOU… and this is the best thing you can give.

Nelson Award

On The Look-out For The Next Nelson!

In every nation, in every country, and in every alley, there is someone who stood up and changed something. Small or big, it doesn’t matter!

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