Nelson Award

On The Look-Out For The Next Nelson!

In every nation, in every country, and in every alley, there is someone who stood up and changed something. Small or big, it doesn’t matter!

We here at MasterPeace are on the look-out for these local heroes and recognize them as what we call ‘Nelsons’–named after the most famous Nelson of them all: Nelson Mandela.

Throughout the campaign, we will bring hundreds of stories from every corner of the Earth to showcase their efforts of making the world a better place, one community at a time.

In some countries we are taking it a step further by recognizing them through our MasterPeace clubs and rewarding those who best represent and promote the ideals of Nelson Mandela: using those ideals to rise up and make a positive impact on their community, society, and country at large.

With a nomination process and a panel of judges, our clubs will select the most interesting (effective and/or innovative) young change-maker in their country who will win a bronze sculpture and a certificate.

The Nelson award is presented to a person who is recognized by their local or regional community for their work; a young man or woman who works to prevent armed conflict.

He or she is a change-maker: a role model for their community who dares to break silences and taboos; a peace-builder who’s always searching for common ground. They exhibit the qualities of an inspirational figure to their local community and help foster a culture of peace and acceptance through words and concrete acts while developing initiatives with a strong impact on social change.

The Nelson Award is our way of honoring Nelsons who believe in the transformative power of positivity and non-violent activities on a grass-root level.

The campaign began this February and will end when the award ceremony takes place onSeptember 21st, coinciding with the International Day of Peace.

The sculpture is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s saying: ‘The glory in life lies not in never falling, but in rising, each time we fall’. For us this refers to the ultimate dedication and unstoppable power needed to turn your initiative into a success.