A Victim Of War , A Voice For Peace


MasterPeace Uganda led by a true peace hero. Moses Kyamakya lost his brother to the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group in Uganda when they attacked his home town in 1996. In his own words, the attack “left homes and property destroyed, lives lost, children orphaned and homeless. Many youth dropped out of school, their future compromised, and girls were forced into early marriages and unwanted pregnancies, all in the name of armed conflict.”
In an inspiring display of compassion and positivity, Moses has used this personal experience not as a spring board for violent retaliation, but as motivation for committing his life to peace building and conflict prevention. MasterPeace is honored to embrace this outstanding individual as the National Coordinator of our first official MasterPeace Club – MasterPeace Uganda.

“I am a peace loving citizen, committed to community peace building; a human rights activist who believes in connectivity, collaboration, innovation, positivity and walking the talk,” says Moses. With an attitude like that, how could we resist partnering with Moses and his network of Ugandan peace makers? For the past three years, Moses has worked as head of Ray of Hope Africa (www.rayofhope-africa.org), which conducts community peace building activities like community dialogue, conflict resolution workshops, and awarding peace building prizes to make peace happen in Uganda. To create his MasterPeace in Uganda, Moses and the rest of the MasterPeace Uganda team have plans to reach out to individual households and villages with conflict resolution training for daily life. They are collaborating with other NGO’s and government institutions to spread the message, and co-creating dialogue and reconciliation with community partners. The global MasterPeace Community is really looking forward to celebrating the International Day of Peace with MasterPeace Uganda and many other MasterPeacers around the world on September 21st!

Uganda is not the only country involved in the just do it campaign for peace. Peace Day Celebrations and MasterPeace Clubs are in the works for MasterPeace in Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, United States of America, the Netherlands, Egypt and many more to come soon. All of these countries and more came together on this September 21st to speak with one voice for the creation of peace. We have enjoyed so much working with all of the soon to be National Coordinators in those countries and hearing their amazing ideas for community projects that are going to make a tangible impact for peace in our world.
The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect MasterPeace's values.


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