Getting down to Egypt by going up to France

After 1000 kilometers, having  reached Fes, Morocco, my daughter returned home to Portugal to prepare for university. I continued eastward to Guercif, then Nador, being followed and somewhat managed by the police the last five days or so; the 'Peace Pilgrimage to Egypt' sign on my back made them nervous for some reason, I guess. Since returning to Spain, I've walked from Almeria to Alicante, and in another week  I'll be stopping for a while to helpX on a farm in the mountains north of Benidorm. My mentor, Wijnand Boon isn't far away, and we're hoping to walk together at some point in the near future. I am also hoping to organize a day's peace walk in Valencia or Barcelona to include as many people as possible; it's not just my walk, after all.
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