Spotlight: MasterPeace Ghana

Yesterday we looked at MasterPeace Sierra Leone’s accomplishments for inspiration. Today we’re turning our attention to the exciting work of MasterPeace Ghana!

MPGhana started its activities in late 2011 in Ghana’s Central Region, and is in the process of spreading (there is already a third Ghanaian club in the Northern Region!). MPGhana identified early on that presidential elections have often been associated with unrest and conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, and has been focusing its efforts on promoting peace and unity in anticipation of Ghana’s upcoming elections in December 2012. Their initiative, Peacefully Ghana Campaign, reflects their intention to organize concerts and other musical events—hopefully in all of Ghana’s regional capitals—as well as solidarity PSAs on national television in advance of the elections.
With this issue in mind, MPGhana organized a football Gala for Ghana’s 55th Independence Day, 6th March. This initiative was particularly appropriate for Ghana: Ghana’s first President, Dr. Nkrumah, worked to unite Ghana post-independence through football. They successfully publicized the event through Radio Central, Ghana’s main radio station for the Central Region, and achieved high participation: teams represented Muslims, Christians, Fishermen, and five political parties. The gala is part of a week of activities that the Club has called “Independence in Peace, The MasterPeace Way.” This coming Tuesday (13th March), the week of “Independence in Peace” will end with a community cleanup of the township of Elmina, followed by another football match in Elmina as well.

In addition to their wonderful events, MPGhana’s fundraising efforts have had impressive results! Their fourth club secured 40% of the funding they needed to take part in “Independence in Peace” from Ghana’s K.E.E.A municipality. (In fact, they just received the cheque itself from K.E.E.A’s Municipal Chief Executive yesterday.) This funding helped support television publicity (including talk show and news coverage; announcements on Coastal TV, a private TV station in Cape Coast; and 3 other FM Stations as well), participation in MPGhana's Independence Day events in Elmina, and, of course, another football peace match to grace the occasion.

Clearly, MasterPeace Ghana is off to a great start! We’re excited to see what you do next.

Check out MPGhana’s Facebook page for more photos of these events and future updates!
The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect MasterPeace's values.


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