Local Changemakersfrom around the world

At any given day of the year, feel free to look at the world map and zoom in. Chances are high that you will find a group of Nelsons in MasterPeace Clubs working on creating peace one-step at a time in their own local communities.

Who are the Clubs?

MasterPeace Clubs are the on-the-ground arms of MasterPeace, empowering and mobilizing more individuals to become actively involved in peace-building and limiting conflicts on a local level. The club is an easy model to be adapted: it can be formed by a small group of people such as social entrepreneurs, young changemakers, university students, or even a group of friends seeking to become a sustainable force for peace.

Clubs philosophy

A MasterPeace club serves as a platform to foster changemakers’ initiatives towards building peace, and comes from the kind of engagement that is driven from heart, passion, dreams, and dedication towards creating a better world. MasterPeace believes in the power of actions, no matter how big or small, and offers freedom for each active group of Nelson to create the projects, programs or actions they truly believe can make a change in their communities. Nelsons don’t join to be part of an organization; they join to co-create.

Why Join MasterPeace Clubs?

MasterPeace core team is responsible for supporting all the Clubs on daily inquiries, providing the clubs with developed and updated tools to execute their activities.

Every year, Club leaders have the opportunity to travel, meet and get inspired by MasterPeace founders and other MasterPeacers from around the world as well as learn from the intensive trainings and network within the MasterPeace community.

MasterPeace believes that you will grow as a person and as a professional by donating your talent to a social cause. You will learn new insights on leadership, impact and capacity-building. You will be part of our innovative global grassroots movement.

As part of the MasterPeace community, MasterPeace clubs benefit from a network of partnerships and experts, and will be notified about other grant opportunities by the core team.

The program aims to develop sustainable for-profit projects that enable MasterPeace Clubs to achieve profitable returns while providing solutions to social problems and support peace building and development.

With our global network MasterPeace facilitates start-ups and social enterprises to offer improved perspectives and thus prevent people to choose for extreme alternatives.

"This is a life-changing experience."

- Santosh Bidari, Club Leader at MasterPeace Nepal