World peace. An ideal which has been cherished for many generations. Since time immemorial, a medium has existed that sweeps away the things that keep people apart, and brings with it all the things that connect people: DANCE. In many cultures and some countries still today, the healing power of dance is used to transform negativity between people or groups into a spirit of community. Smiles appear on the dancers’ faces, and tensions disappear like snow melting in the sun. Division gives way to unity; isolation to belonging. Dancing, in any form, but especially in circles or spirals, brings relaxation and opens the heart. The grip of the mind and of thoughts softens, and the spirit is released.

This is an era when we’re already letting go of relentless thinking, which so often leads to loneliness and isolation, as the exclusive mode of being. More and more were are realizing that everything and everybody is inextricably connected, as we discover the value of inclusiveness: together!
In a world of ever increasing individualization, an immense need has emerged for true contact between people, between groups, between countries. We are realizing just how much we need one another. Alongside the connecting qualities of multimedia on a global scale, dance is a way of deepening this contact. Especially where people do not live together peacefully.

That is the reason for this dance manifesto. To urge dancers throughout the world to engage their dance for the ultimate goal:
To draw on the unifying nature of dance for the purpose of forging a better society. I call upon all of you to dance for humanity, for joy and for peace. Together we can create a harmonious, rocking world! The opportunities for utilizing dance in this way are often close to home: within families, in schools, in streets, neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Dance forms a bridge between cultures and brings respect for diversity.

On this page you can find a link to our youtube channel with video footage of all kinds of projects, large and small, where dance is making a positive difference. Your dance initiatives also belong here! The channel aims to be a source of inspiration for dance projects across the whole world. So swing into action! Invite your world to dance, however large or small it may be! Set human connection in motion by filming your dance initiative and uploading it onto this website. Create a snowball effect.
Turn the whole world into a dance. Now more than ever!

The Netherlands, spring 2015
Jan Pieter van Lieshout, dancemaëstro
Founder Dance4WorldPeace