What happened:

A series of events for one week 17-22 September. (Week of Peace)

  1. September the 17th: Due to initiation of “Masterpeace Eastern partnership and central Asia regional office” and ‘Let’s do it Georgia” a cleaning event was held surrounding the Tbilisi sea which is part of a campaign for the World International Cleanup day that is held in more than 150 countries.  
  2. 19th of September 2017, “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia regional hub” and “Caucasus Youth Nexus” organized informational meeting, workshop and seminar about UN sustainable development goals and concept of social entrepreneurship . Audience had an opportunity to get know more about SDGs and take part in planning activities for the year of 2018 in order to contribute achieving of sustainable development goals..
  3. On 20th of September,2017 “”MasterPeace Georgia” and ”Caucasus Youth Nexus” organized painting activity under the celebration of week of International Day of Peace. MasterPeace Georgia joined the global initiative known as ”Walls of Connection”. In the process of painting MasterPeace invited local youth from ethnic Azerbaijani minorities, they had an opportunity to paint another wall together with Georgian youth.Main themes of the painting were tolerance, education, peaceful coexistence and environment protection on climate change, that are related to focus of MasterPeace Eastern partnership and central Asia regional hub, regarding the sustainable development goals such as: Quality education, climate action, sustainable cities and peace and justice. MasterPeace believes in power of art – Creation Above Destruction. Young artists are driving force of peace and positive changes in societies. Event was covered by local TV-channels and radio stations.
  4. 22th of September, 2017, Masterpeace Georgia and Caucasus Youth Nexus organized youth training course Youth Reflex in Gori. Main topics of the training course were: Human rights and legal framework, youth activism, role of young people in development of civil society, UN Sustainable Development Goals and its importance. Totally 20 youth leaders from different schools of Gori attended above mentioned training course. Sessions included interactive discussions and group works, workshops and presentations. After the program all the participants received informational posters and certificates

The benefit:

They promoted international day of peace, sustainable development goals, peace building and non-formal education. Part of the event was devoted to social entrepreneurship and was organized within the framework of Social Entrepreneurship Without Borders Erasmus+ project. The European Commission funded project is a 3-stage activity aiming at exploring the connection between social entrepreneurship and youth work, especially as for creating social enterprises for creating job opportunities for youngsters.


Action steps/Statement Paper:

Important topics were pointed out mainly about SDGs: Ecological and climate problems, importance of local projects and social entrepreneurship ideas, regional and international projects regarding the SDGs, activities related to promotion of social inclusion and promotion of inter-cultural awareness among youth. During the group work each participant had a chance to come up with the specific action or idea, that could be implemented by the host organization in 2018. CAYNEX, are working on more local activities during which local youth will have a chance to get basic information on the concept of social entrepreneurship and explore the possibilities it is bringing for their future career.  Masterpeace Eastern partnership and Central Asia regional office” and “Caucasus Youth Nexus” organized working meeting for organizations members, interns and employees, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Organization’s team discussed successful activities and projects of last year and prepared action plan for the year of 2018.  Four working groups were established to be responsible for carrying out different projects and activities in the future.first group will implement activities connected to ecological and climate problems, second group will be responsible for local projects and social entrepreneurship ideas, third – for regional and international projects, fourth group will implement activities related to promotion of social inclusion and promotion of inter-cultural awareness among youth.