This year, MasterPeace chose Medellin,  ‘the city of eternal spring’, to host the activities of its 7th edition of MasterPeace Bootcamp, where MasterPeace Club leaders from around the world come to meet and exchange ideas, plans and inspiration.

Medellín was everything we dreamt of and more: the city was a mix of culture, creativity and peace-building! It made headlines  during the past few years for its transformational story, growing from the world’s most dangerous city to an award-winning example of positivity, creativity and innovation. From small alleys to big conference rooms, passing walls of hope and art, we completed an amazing journey of five days as one team. We went through all the uphills and deep valleys of what this city and its experts had to offer.

The annual Bootcamp represents a great exchange opportunity for MasterPeace Club leaders from around the world. The event focused on the exchange of experiences, interactive workshops, opportunities for dialogue, as well as dynamic and creative sessions with local and international partners. The Bootcamp hosted about 40 international leaders from 22 countries, such as Uganda, Germany, India, Poland, Romani, Mexico among many others. The Bootcamp was an opportunity to share their experiences with leaders from Medellin who have been trying for years to offer children and young people in vulnerable neighborhoods of the city an alternative to avoid violence.

We are grateful for the presence of all Club leaders at this amazing event!


¡MasterPeace se complace en anunciar la 7ma edición del ‘MasterPeace Global Bootcamp’ del 6 al 13 de octubre de 2018 en Medellin, Colombia!

Es la primera vez que este evento global que se hace en Suramérica, lo que representa una gran oportunidad de intercambio para los líderes de los clubes MasterPeace de todo el mundo. Medellín fue la ciudad elegida debido a los desafíos y transformaciones que ha vivido en la búsqueda de la paz. Este año el evento estará centrado en intercambio de experiencias, talleres interactivos, oportundiades de diálogo, así como sesiones dinámicas y creativas junto con aliados locales e internacionales.

En el encuentro, que estará enfocado en el emprendimiento social y la economía creativa para la construcción de paz,  participarán 45 líderes internacionales de 32 países como Uganda, Alemania, India, Polonia, Rumani y Egipto entre otros. El Bootcamp será una oportunidad para compartir sus experiencias con líderes de Medellín que llevan años tratando de ofrecerle a niños y jóvenes en barrios vulnerables de la ciudad una alternativa para evitar la violencia.

Here are some photos from this years Global Bootcamp 2018

Photos by: Luis Baretto

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