What Happened

MasterPeace Club of SriLanka worked day and night to empower the citizens of  Rakwana which is regarded as the notable centre of Ceylon tea plantations and industry. Rakwana was hit with the one of the worst landslides this year where thousands of people fled and others had there houses destroyed.

Our club worked to quickly try to restore some of the areas school to provide shelter and contained education to affected areas. MasterPeace Sri Lanka distributed school materials to 130 school children affected by recent flood and landslides. The club collaborated with their partner from UK Futureproof Sri Lanka to bring materials that can be used such as school aid and books to get the students starting off on a clean start.

Members of MasterPeace Sri Lanka conducted an awareness session on Tolerance which helped children to understand how Tolerance is important to uphold harmony and peace in plural societies while respecting the differences in people, cultural values and religious practices in Sri Lanka.











The Benefit/Impact

1) To help school children affected by floods and landslides by providing school materials and share the  massage of peaceful societies.

2) To educate children what is required to build truly tolerant society which is necessity for peace building, reconciliation, economic and social advancement of all Sri Lankans.

3) To bring a quick start of the semester in some of the affected areas.

Next Steps 

  1. The recent collaboration with the British charity resulted in wider areas where they will distribute materials
  2. The Club plans to continue visiting the affected areas and this school to ensure the sustainability of work
  3. A new peace club was formed in the school to still gather and discuss peace ideas and activities