As MasterPeace, we identify ourselves as a peaceful movement. We work through positive interventions, awareness creation, and the deployment of art to create peaceful communities. Unfortunately, our work often finds its source in less peaceful encounters. As, for instance, in Mexico. Where our amazing MasterPeace club focuses on providing training on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to combat violence against women. For our International Women’s Day campaign from #SunrisetoSunset they trained employees from Aeroméxico on the 2th of March and will be doing the same for KPMG on the 8th of March.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

A few years ago, our long-term MasterPeace friend Sofie de Wulf moved from Belgium to Mexico. With a passion for the language, culture and art scene (and probably the weather as well!) she decided to use her knowledge and talents to educate Mexican men and women on Nonviolent Communication (NVC). A topic that’s extremely relevant in Mexico, as femicide, harassment and other forms of violent behaviour against women are happening on a daily basis. Together with Ximena Martinez Galindo and the rest of her team, Sofie decided to organize NVC events for employees of big companies as Aeroméxico and KPMG.



The first event took place on the 2nd of March, where Aeroméxico employees were trained in the Peace Neighbourhood Atlampa together with women from Atlampa itself. First of all, they started off by talking about the meaning of Nonviolent Communication, personal experiences of verbal harassment and tips and tricks on how to respond on such forms of communication by using NVC. After that, the women were challenged to lift each other up. The MasterPeace team, in cooperation with the amazing artist Eva Bracamontes, facilitated a conversation on what the women appreciated about each other and other women role models within their community. The artist Eva created a drawing of a mural based on  the workshop and conversation, which was eventually executed by the trainees.



Tomorrow, on the 8th of March a.k.a. International Women’s Day, a comparable training will be given to the employees of KPMG. However, instead of painting a wall all female employees of KPMG Mexico will receive a beautiful bag designed by María Lumbreras. More about that when the sun comes up in Mexico… #SunrisetoSunset

photographer: Frank Cardenas @frankyvoy