With #MasterPeace_Around_The_World we focus on the people behind our 45+ MasterPeace clubs. We built on their ideas, hard work, and creativity and would like to share their stories with you.

Almost exactly a year ago Kristine Tauch became part of the MasterPeace family. Triggered by the responses on the refugee influx in Germany, Kristine started MasterPeace Wiesbaden to focus on social inclusion. Now, one year down the line, her efforts are paying off! On the 7th of May, Kristine and her team collected 10,000 euros to kick-start one of their flagship projects: The Story Store. A national initiative that gives refugees a chance to both start a business as to share their stories. A beautiful initiative that will help Wiesbaden, and in the future other parts of Germany, to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 – sustainable cities and communities.

In the Story Store refugees from Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Albania, will offer their homemade products. The product line will consist of books and textiles, all handmade by the contributors. According to Kristine ‘’you cannot judge a book on its cover’’ as well as you cannot judge people on their appearances.  By creating items with a personal story from the producer they embrace the peaceful power of words, which will hopefully create more understanding and empathy at the end of the buyer.

Next to that, the launching of the website will be accompanied with the release of ‘’Why we are here – Traveling Stories of Our World’’, a book that was especially created for the Story Store. This book was a result of a cooperation between MasterPeace Wiesbaden and Wiesbaden Integration and symbolises the vision and mission of the Story Store.

We wish MasterPeace Wiesbaden the best of luck with their beautiful initiative and are excited to see the store online! We believe that the Story Store is an example in spreading the message of peaceful communities around the world. Let us arm ourselves with the courage to listen and passion to tell.

Visit their crowdfunding here: https://www.startnext.com/en/the-story-store

Meet Kristine Tauch and Bledion Vladi, the driving forces behind MasterPeace Wiesbaden! Since 2017 they have organized local peace talks, story-telling for change projects, and river cleaning activities, to support peaceful community building. They believe in the power of understanding to create inclusive communities and are excited to kick-start the Story Store!