With #MasterPeace_Around_The_World we focus on the people behind our 45+ MasterPeace clubs. We are built on their ideas, hard work, and creativity and would like to share their stories with you.

We would like to salute Dr. Manoranjan Mishra, our Club Leader in India, for his great efforts in 2018 to implement Health and Safety policies for employers, volunteers, and communities involved in his organisation Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP). Within this Non-Profit Organisation, that partnered with MasterPeace in 2013, volunteers work on promoting human rights and peace education, free primary education, gender equality, social and economic justice, cultural diversity and intercultural exchanges.

How they do this? By bringing together rural and tribal communities, by mobilizing community responsibility for environmental improvement, and by educating them on the positive effects of low carbon lifestyles. The aim of JRP is to spread these messages across all major towns and cities in India and therefore their staff is required to get their boots on the ground. Not a typical 9 – 5 job!

We endeavor to avoid negligence through our safety management system to ensure a safe workplace for our employees and volunteers.

In cooperation with EU Aid Volunteers Dr. Mishra started to develop and perform a systematic identification of hazards to manage them with appropriate risk assessments and subsequent actions to minimise danger. They established emergency and contingency plans to deal with residual risks. This approach also minimizes threats to the volunteer’s activities of JRP, protecting their villagers’ interests. Throughout this project Dr. Mishra aims on hosting professional volunteers from different walks of life to undertake Health and Safety projects in at least 100 schools.