Winners Get The Chance To Perform At The Biggest Music Festival in Europe.

MasterPeace, an award-winning peace movement, is re-launching its music competition headliner, My Music MasterPeace starting this March, following the success of its first edition offering musicians from all over the world a chance to perform at Europe’s biggest music festival.

My Music MasterPeace is designed for all solo artists, bands, and singers with music that tackles topics of peace-building, positivity, freedom of expression and human rights globally; offering support and exposure to fresh artists who need to break through into music charts and gain widespread outreach for their message.

MasterPeace believes in the transformative power of music to influence social change, music has the power to cross borders, break taboos and bring people together.MasterPeace co-founder and Creative Director Ilco van der Linde expressed his excitement to launch this new edition of My Music MasterPeace, “The first edition was a great hit and we received an overwhelming response from both musicians and audience with more than 30,000 votes for the winning acts”

“The competition provides a platform to thousands of global musicians to showcase their talent and commitment to peace, aligning with the MasterPeace vision of mobilizing people across the world to use their talents to foster awareness and dialogue for peace building, and we use music as a mobilizer” Ilco stated.

For this year, My Music MasterPeace is extending its outreach with a more diverse network, teaming up with EMMA for Peace, the prestigious Euro Mediterranean Music Academy, Mideast Tunes, the biggest network for musicians in the Middle East, Un-Convention Hub, UK based global music network, and Music Aficionado, leading online community for musicians.

The competition will be divided into several stages, opening the door for submissions from March till June, tailed by a voting process in July to place 25 top finalists, to be followed by an estimated MasterPeace jury choosing the award winner.

“I am pleased to be one of My Music MasterPeace judges. The purpose of connecting artists from around the world for peace, is something I strongly stand behind throughout my work, as in EMMA For Peace we truly believe in the power of music as a catalyst for social change”

Paolo Petrocelli, Founder & President EMMA for Peace

In addition to Petrocelli, this round brings top names in the music industry as judges: Sharmoofers, most famous Indie band in Egypt, together with Emmanuel Jal, well known war-child turn hip hop star from South Sudan and the founder and managing director of Music Aficionado and publisher of the leading guitar magazine in USA- Guitar Aficionado Greg Di Benedetto -USA.

In its first edition, My Music competition was a smash hit reaching out to millions around the world, gathering more than 30,000 votes in less than one month and hundreds of submissions of peace songs. My Music partnered with some of the biggest names in the music industry globally including Tribe of Noise, Mideast Tunes, CMJ, India; and the International Radio Festival, with features on MTV IGGY.

Many breakout acts came out of being part of My Music competition such as Fred Williams the winner of last edition from Nigeria, NedaBoin the star of The Voice Holland, the younger contestant Luca Berardi who performed recently his song of refugees at the UN Headquarters and multiple award-winner Belgian Namibian artists Shishani in addition to many more.

For artists interested to submit their songs