MasterPeace is an international grassroot movement dedicated to prevent conflicts by using soft power to bring opposites together, by using dialogue to create common understanding and by using capacity building to create concrete perspective.

MasterPeace mobilises “Nelsons” local change makers. Our principle is that there are 7 billion talents out there, not 7 billion issues. And we are looking for you! To stand u and use your talents.

MasterPeace Clubs

We grow by growing our teams. MasterPeace Clubs are at the heart of our movement! We are currently active in over 40 countries around the world with teams of change makers leading peace-building and social entrepreneurship in their local communities.

Every activity is based on local ownership and has to be based on two important guiding principles:

Our core values;

positivity, impartial, co create and walk the talk

Our passion statements:

music above fighting, dialogue above judgement, creation above destruction & bread above bombs

Our local change makers are all volunteers with a string drive. We are extremely proud on our MasterPeace club leaders. They are the true leaders of our movement.

The Nelsons

The Team

The core team are the facilitators and servant leaders of the movement. Their passion is to support and facilitate the clubs in their expansion and impact, to start global campaigns and to find the best partnerships to generate income and to mobilize in kind the best competence to help grow our movement.


We have defined core expertise domains that are key to our success as a unique global movement:

Leadership, dialogue and coaching,  event- and project management, music, ICT and social media.

We invite experts to donate their talent to MasterPeace on a specific domain and for a specific project. They are our free freelancers and an accelerating part of our core team.

MasterPeace Board

The members of our board donate their expertise to guide our movement. They meet 3 times a year and are formally responsible for our achievements. We very much appreciate their wisdom and their advices on our strategy development.