MasterPeace in Concert

MasterPeace in Concert

MasterPeace in Concert - Amsterdam

MasterPeace is organising a mesmerising heart-warming peace concert on Sunday, September 21, 2014: the International Day of Peace.  Artists from major conflict areas in the world will perform together at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Together, they will demonstrate that sustainable solutions can only come by stopping armed conflicts. Together, they will put aside their differences, and give voice to what connects them: dialogue, disarmament – “Music above fighting.”  MasterPeace in Concert will be remembered for all time as a journey of hope, strength, opportunity and musical inspiration for all.

Many of the artists will be stepping onto the stage for the first time with ‘the enemy’ – a musician from a country or group with whom there has been armed conflict. This collaboration with the ‘opposition’ has the potential to provoke very strong reactions in their respective home lands.  MasterPeace is currently working in many of these conflict zones (45+ countries) aiming to bridge divides, and restore contact and dialogue. Not everyone has been won over yet to the concept; some governments are refusing to be involved - all the more reason to push forward. By attending MasterPeace in Concert, you will be supporting these courageous artists, and the peace workers in their home countries.



During MPIC, artists from Pakistan and India, Sudan and South Sudan, and Russia and the Ukraine and other conflict zones will take to the stage, joining each other to sing an original MasterPeace song. Musicians from different Kenyan tribes will perform together, tribes that only six years ago were attacking each other in a civil war. Although sometimes the demands of war dictate that only one local artist is able to claim public and media attention, as is true for Syria. From Columbia, a famous guitarist is coming who started collecting AK-47s many years ago, and transforming them into guitars. He will perform with a number of top guitarists from the Netherlands. All the artists will be accompanied on their journey to peace by the Metropole Orkest, led by its chief conductor Jules Buckley. This two hour long concert event will inspire everyone to start their own initiative for peace!

MasterPeace is pleased to announce its first list of inspiring and talented artists with more to be announced in the coming weeks.  

Confirmed Musicians for MasterPeace in Concert

Emmanuel Jal (South Sudan) & Abdel Gadir Salim (Sudan)

Minyeshu (Ethiopia) & Kahsay Berhe (Eritrea) 

Suzanna Owiyo &, Emmy Kosgei & The Gibby HBs – Tribes United (Kenya)

Waayaha Cusub (Somalia) & The Gibby HBs – Tribes United (Kenya)

Farhad Darya (Afghanistan) & Shehzad Roy (Pakistan)

Cezar Lopez (Colombia)

Besides artists from conflict areas, MasterPeace will also welcome several musicians known world-wide -- global star Oleta Adams with hits such as ‘Get Here’ and the very apt ‘Window of Hope’ along with world-famous Senegalese singer, Baaba Maal. Dutch MasterPeace ambassador VanVelzen is also collaborating.

“To harness the power of music and create positive solutions – that’s why I want to contribute to MasterPeace” – VanVelzen  

Ziggo Dome

The Ziggo Dome is one of the world’s most impressive concert venues in Amsterdam. Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake have already graced its stage. Music magazine Pollstar listed the Ziggo Dome #15 on the world rankings of best- attended concert venues. MasterPeace ambassador Roel van Velzen gave the very first concert there, directly after the initial foundations were laid on April 16, 2010. The management of Ziggo Dome generously offered host to MasterPeace in Concert, offering the venue at no cost! Event agency, Brand New Live, organizers of many concerts in the Ziggo Dome, have also graciously donated their services to produce the event.

Metropole Orchestra

The Dutch Metropole Orkest is the world’s biggest and most well-known pop and jazz orchestra, led by chief conductor Jules Buckley (UK). The orchestra has collaborated with big names such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvis Costello and Bono. The Metropole Orkest, as a matter of principle, chooses to work as the ‘wind beneath the wings’ of new talent or top artists from relatively unknown music cultures. “On a daily basis, the Metropole Orkest experiences what music can do to a person, recognizing the power of music as no other. MasterPeace offers us the chance to use this power of music to work towards peace, ' says artistic producer Henk Heijink. 

Leoni Jansen

Dutch singer and director Leoni Jansen will take charge of the composition and direct MasterPeace in Concert. Over the past few years, Leoni organised a large number of international, world-music concerts, including Made in Holland (a tribute to diversity), African Mamas and Daughters of Africa. She was also responsible for the musical composition of Faranani,– a tribute to, and with, Nelson Mandela that was broadcast live in dozens of countries. Leoni was also involved in ‘Samen door Mandela’, the national tribute to Mandela after his death. 


Her commitment to connecting cultures was rewarded in 2006, when she was promoted to ‘Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau’ (Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau) by Queen Beatrix, for her contribution to world music and the empowerment of women in music.   


Leoni: 'It is really extraordinary that MasterPeace is bringing these musicians together on a global scale - that they will actually live the powerful message: making music together! In doing so, they show their country, ethnic groups and religions, and indeed the rest of the world, that it is possible to work together, have fun and create beauty. It is a huge honour for me to direct this concert’. 

Earn, your ticket!

You can earn your ticket by starting to do something for peace. Not yet a ‘MasterPeacer’? Create your profile now, via ‘Join MasterPeace’ on, start peacebuilding and we will make sure an invitation gets to you in time for the concert. You can also leave us your details on, so that we can update you on MasterPeace  in Concert and ticket sales.  

MasterPeace Concerts in 40 countries & MasterPeace on the internet and TV

On September 21, 2014, the International Day of Peace, MasterPeace is organising peace concerts in more than 40 countries. From Kathmandu to Los Angeles, and from Mexico City via Istanbul to Cairo, MasterPeace is calling upon people everywhere to work towards peace and disarmament. Stages the world over will offer top, local artists an opportunity to bridge cultural, political or religious divides.  Most of the concerts will be presented in a special internet TV programme, details to be announced soon.  Many of the concerts will also be broadcast on local television stations within their own country, just as the Dutch concert will be shown in the Netherlands. Main partner Ziggo (“Forever Connected”…!) will broadcast the Ziggo Dome concert to 4 million homes in the Netherlands, via their own Channel 12. Possibly some concerts from other countries will be connected live to the Ziggo Dome concert.