Did you know that 28 May is celebrated as the World Menstrual Health day? Our MasterPeace Clubs are well aware of it, especially the ones in South Asia. In this region, there are still many challenges and hardships that women and girls face during their menstruation. There is an urgent need to encourage open dialogue, create positive and innovative solutions, and promote body literacy and gender equality in the media. The aim for this global awareness day is exactly this: “to break taboos surrounding menstruation, and raise awareness of the importance of good menstrual hygiene management worldwide”.

A beautiful example of a #MHDAY2019 project comes from our MasterPeace Club India-Odisha, based in Bhubaneswar. This Club, alongside Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP) and with the support of Smile Foundation has already been actively engaged in FANI cyclone relief and rehabilitation activities since several weeks. The cyclone left thousands of women and adolescent girls without access to clean and safe sanitary products mostly due to lack of availability of these products or lack of money to buy them. As a result, women and girls are forced to use unhygienic methods to handle their periods, leading to the danger of infections.

On the International Menstrual Hygiene Day, the message of “Happy Days” and “End Stigma” relating to periods was conveyed to more than 700 women in Chandaka tribal villages of Amba Padia and Krushna Nagar. The teams of the MasterPeace Club and JRP also distributed Dignity Kits including sanitary pads to all these women and girls. The sanitary pads and underwear within the FANI relief kits provided by SMILE Foundation, as well as the JRP Sanitary Napkins “Jeevan Sathi” have been highly appreciated by the receivers, as Ms. Madhusmita Mishra, the secretary of JRP testified. The provision of Dignity Kits during relief distribution helped the FANI affected women and girls to treat their periods safely and hygienically.

But that’s not all. JRP and MasterPeace India-Odisha have been observing a week-long Menstrual Hygiene Management education programme with the support of SMILE Foundation in unreached Island villages of Chilika lagoon, where they provided the same Dignity Kits including sanitary pads to 5000 women and girls. Amazing efforts and positivity for the #MHDAY2019!

Meanwhile, our soon-to-be MasterPeace Club coordinated by the organization VIEWS-India also distributed menstrual health products among their local communities in Odisha.

And last but not the least, our newest Club in Nepal run by Nepali Brothers #HamiDajjuVai marked the MENstruation Day by raising awareness among both girls and boys at the Ganesh Secondary School in Sipadol, Bhaktapur!