Our panel of judges has spoken — After 8 long months of campaigning, with over 200 submissions from 65 countries and 60,000 votes: this is it!

The winning song of My Music MasterPeace Competition 2016 is DEMITASSE by JJASMINE!

JJASMINE is a collaborative music project born of a spontaneous online encounter between musicians from Germany, Italy and Syria. Featured on local and overseas media, JJASMINE is now a project that’s ready to go as far as possible, tackling personal and societal topics on the way.
The band joined their talents specifically for My Music MasterPeace, starting in August 2016 when Adnan from Syria and Jill from Germany met on Facebook to collaborate on a song for the competition. Giacomo from Italy and Michel from Germany joined during the process to form the band. All band members are based in Berlin except Adnan, who currently lives in Jordan.
The debut single, Demitasse, was officially released on September 1st on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iGroove and many other services, with all revenue to be donated to help refugees integration in Europe. The song saw success with its official video premiering at London College of Fashion on October 3rd, with Charlie Ashcroft airing it on his Amazing Radio show and a feature on eclat magazine, one of Germany’s best online platforms for music.

Things evolved quickly to be something that’s ready to go further, as JJASMINE are currently working on their debut EP, aiming to finish it around the end of 2016.

"Winning this competition is the biggest reward. We came together in August especially for this, so winning it can be considered a dream coming true, and we can't be more proud. We proved to ourselves and hopefully our surrounding, that if you dedicate your time for something, you'll get it. Looking at all the huge songs with thousands of votes, it was a surprise that we were picked by that amazing group of judges who all accomplished big things in the music industry. Very looking forward to do great things with Masterpeace!"

Demitasse is about a troubled refugee, talking to their grandmother's soul and asking her to predict the future, in the hope that it's a bright one.
There are some cultural references in the song, like telling one's future by reading into their empty coffee demitasse. A tradition that evolved in Turkey and was very common in Levant countries mainly and Arab countries in general. The song also features a reference to Mediterranean olive trees and groves.
Of our star-studded panel of judges, Greg Di Beneditto was the most impressed, citing the song's simple and effective inclusion of a cello that creates a haunting world within the listener's mind.

As the winner of this year’s competition, JJASMINE will perform at Europe’s biggest music festival in the summer of 2017!