World's Largest Music Competition for Peace

We invite musicians to join world’s largest music competition for peace, using their music with a cause for winning the chance to perform at Europe’s largest music festival!

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Finding The Best In Peace Music… Again!

MasterPeace’s music competition headliner, My Music MasterPeace returns again following the success of its first edition, this time as a part of the even bigger international multi-platform music project

My Music MasterPeace this time start its search for the best music act in the world that tackles topics of peace-building, positivity, freedom of expression and human rights globally – offering support and exposure to fresh artists who need to break social taboos and bring their message to the world.

This edition, we teamed up with EMMA for Peace, the prestigious Euro Mediterranean Music Academy, Mideast Tunes, biggest network for musicians in the Middle East, Un Convention Hub, leading European music network, Aficionado leading online community for musicians and music passionate.

In 2014, My Music MasterPeace was a smash hit reaching out to millions around the world and gathering more than 25,000 votes in less than one month, and hundreds of submissions of peace songs. My Music MasterPeace teamed up with some of the biggest names in the music industry globally from MTV IGGY to Tribe of Noise, Mideast Tunes, CMJ, India; and the International Radio Festival.

March – August2016

Opening the door for music video submissions from all over the world.

September 2016

Voting process to place top 25 finalists


Committee from our jury will select the winner and announce it to the world

Voting Starts In:


Imagine there’s a Heaven …

I am a 19-year-old hungarian singer,pianist and song wright and I consider fighting against wars,

Theme song for a clay stop motion short film sends a message of peace, love and union, and it tells

Together we can overcome and achieve anything.

“Light of Life” is a benefit song that arose from a strong compassion and love for people

The song links the physical man-made barriers in prisons and borders to barricades of hate in the

I’m worried about the pace the world is changing, so let’s make it the right way and

This song talkes about love as the only way to end the war and heal the wounds of people everywhere,

I wrote this song based on a true story, from the most experience in my life.
I just wanted to write

We are all under one sky where rolling clouds are endless visions and shining stars are boundless