PCDN 3.0 is the go-to-hub for the global social change community, connecting over 36,000 individuals/organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship, development peace-building and related fields. It provides a one stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change. In addition to being an invaluable resource for MasterPeace, PCDN has helped thousands of organizations and individuals, around the world by offering users a one-stop tool. Since its founding PCDN has had over 5,000,000 visitors and 22,000,000 page views.

PCDN 3.0 has a wealth of new features to help change-makers including: a daily digest with new and key opportunities, video and audio chat, over 50+ resource guides on key topics in the field, webinars on social change and much more.

Check out and share PCDN 3.0 with your colleagues! #Beintheknow, and visit http://pcdnetwork.org