What Happened

As efforts to bring refugees and citizens of Biebrich, Wiesbaden together our club in Wiesbaden started one of the biggest beach clean up in the city.

Biebrich is a borough of the city of Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany With over 36,000 inhabitants that welcomed large amounts of refugees across the past three years.

MasterPeace Club in Wiesbaden used the crucial mission of cleaning up the shores of Rhine River in the city as a tool to bring more feeling of ownership and community involvement that they are part of.

Clean up efforts have dramatically improved water quality in the Rhine River in recent decades, attracting bathers back to its shores, but a dip in this busy river may be less hygienic than many think. The Rhine’s cleanup has been attracting bathers back to what was once one of Europe’s most heavily polluted waterways, but it may still be dirtier than people like to think.

For those living along the Rhine – which passes through some of Germany’s most densely populated territory – the river provides the closest feeling to a beach this side of a long trip to the coast.

In summer, it’s a popular destination for picnickers and – increasingly – swimmers, eager to rejoice in the Rhine’s success story.

Since those days, more than 50 billion euros ($72 billion) have been spent cleaning up the Rhine and building new water treatment facilities. The last ten years have been especially successful. Fish populations have returned and the river is nearly free of industrial chemicals.



  • The club, volunteers, refugees group 1,5 km of the river beach in Wiesbaden.
  • Creating a lasting bond between refugees and inhabitants of the city.
  • Getting refugees more connected and involved in the city.
  • Creating the home-feeling and sense of ownership for refugees living in the area.
  • Making the surroundings more beautiful and beaches more clean.

Next Steps

  • The club creating a series of events with different refugee groups for more events.
  • More projects done with refugees for empowerment
  • Creating a sustainable relationship with local waste office.