"An agenda for the planet, our common home"

Ban Ki Moon

MasterPeace is passionate to use the Sustainable Development Goals. They represent 17 common goals in the triangle of Government, business and civil society.

The SDG’s are also a “language“ to see if and how we can co -create with Business and Governments. It also helps us to share best practises between our MasterPeace clubs with ownership on their most relevant local changes MasterPeace represents civil society with over 10.000 young local change makers in more than 40 countries who are open to co- create; based on mutuality, as we know that many companies are working hard to integrate sustainability in their core business. We see that business realizes that they also can learn from the young and upcoming generation, as citizen, as consumer as potential partner.

Our young leaders are the positive boots on the ground. Together we can realize sustainable impact. Together we will realize purpose and perspective to share- and stakeholders.