What happened:

A seminar was organized on “UN SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 2250 ON YOUTH, PEACE AND SECURITY (UNSCR 2250) AND IMPORTANCE AND ACHIEVEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE PEACE AGREEMENT”. This seminar was conducted at (Nepal Tourism Board) Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Many dignitaries were invited to enlighten and inspire youth with the knowledge they have about UNSCR 2250 and Importance and Achievement of Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

In occasion of international peace day, peace bell was played as well. And guests were honored with batch and khada. The main talks tackled youth’s responsibility to take on the opportunity and start working on the UNSCR 2250 from their side.

The benefit:  

Nepal has been in High Conflict Situation. In the event, the “Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2006” was recalled and speakers of that day highlighted the importance of it and its achievement from 2006 until today. The progress made by Government of Nepal in different development sectors like: Community Development, Employment Opportunity for Nepalese Youth was discussed, and all the attendees had a clear background of nepal’s peace process, where they are on the road map, and how to contribute to it. It was great opportunity for youth as for the first time youth are provided with such environment where they are acknowledged as peace maker not trouble maker (quoted from the speech of Mr Gywali)


Action steps/Statement Paper:

The governmental officials and the attendees agreed that working on development is not only government’s duty but it’s youth’s duty as well. The points summarized for the youth involvement are

  1. Participation of youth in decision making
    2. Protection of youth from bad influence
    3 .Prevention of involvement of youth in violence activities
    4. Partnership offers to youth in every level projects
    5. Disengagement of youth from bad influence and engage them to productive projects.